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Your Second Home.

Imagine working in an office space that makes you want to be productive. A place where you are excited to go. A space that is reflective of your personality. Where you are proud to meet your clients, friends and family. In our industry, it is likely you spend more time at the office than at home, so it is our goal to make you feel right at "home."

Limbird Core Values.

Hungry & Hustle

Stay Hungry. Always Hustle & Be Humble. These powerful words describe every single Birdie who is willing to work hard and get it done. We provide each other the right habits for success.

Embrace Growth & Learning

You must be coachable to be on our team. The market changes. Technology changes. We want those with open minds who always want to learn more.


Real estate is a super stressful business so we encourage lots of laughter. Work hard and play hard. Plus being able to laugh at yourself is important.

Play for the person beside you

Working on a team, ego's have to be left at the door. Look at yourself and think what value can you add to the team. It is important to remember there is no I in team.

Good isn't good enough

No matter how great we are doing, we firmly believe there is a better way. "Perfection Is Not Attainable, But If We Can Chase Perfection We can Catch Excellence." - Vince Lombardi

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Learn from the best, grow your business and thrive within the competitive yet supportive real estate community.

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