What is standing in the way of you succeeding in real estate?

What if you had an abundance of opportunities, tools, support and accountability, all while being backed by the #1 team in Arkansas? With The Limbird Team, you can.


Kate Gaffigan

SOLD 120+

Working for the best has allowed my husband and I not only purchase our own home but now have three rental homes in our portfolio. 

I also get to spend more time with my 4-year-old Evie and 1-year-old Viv, thanks to the awesome support team that takes care of us!"


Jason Curtis

SOLD 600+

Sales is in my blood. After originally being a car sales man, dealership manager and then moving to homes sales, I have finally found my niche!

I continue to grow tremendously year by year here at Limbird. I am also a co-owner of our property management division, Metro Property Management


Brad Audrain

SOLD 60+

If I had to describe Limbird in one word it would be family. Not only do I get to provide for my immediate family, I get to work with the best group of people anyone could ask for. 

The culture is unlike anything you would ever see in a workplace and these are the people you want to hang out with outside of working hours. Before Limbird I was a part of other teams and they always overpromised and underdelivered. I learned quickly that the Limbird Team does the exact opposite!

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Learn from the best, grow your business and thrive within the competitive yet supportive real estate community.